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I have been collecting Hornby Dublo for many years now, inherited my Dads small collection when I was a teenager and have grown it to probably one of the larger collections in Canada.
It's really become a passion, definitely an addiction for me, and one day I will leave it all for my son. I am more of a buyer than a seller, just so hard to get rid of any of it. But I will sell or trade to complete my collection and of course always buying.
Items in my Gallery are generally not for sale, but I will consider any offers.
Started making reproduction boxes for my own personal collection, keeping all my originals safely put away, and I think I've become rather proficient at it. Just can't find good originals without paying excessive prices. Recently started making the set boxes, for example, the EDG3 Canadian Pacific box to house some complete sets of mine.
If you need anything specific, please let me know, have a great photo shop editor and can create special requests. More photos are available upon request as well as specific item details.



Shipping Costs on all Items will be Calculated based on  the Buyers Location, Size and Weight of Package being Shipped. Please Do Not Pay until this Detail has been Agreed upon. I Try to Offer as Many Options as Possible and Shipping Costs Will Always Be Exact, Not Inflated...
This is Important... I Will Not Set Generic Shipping Costs And Over Charge My Customers.